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Syiringe Pump

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Pasient & Central Monitor

Suction Pump

Electro Surgery





Oxygen Concentrator


Sterilizer Big Capacity

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Blood & Infusion Warmer

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Wireless Wearable Device
iChoice Star
Activity Tracker A30
Wristband and Clip

iChoice Star helps you focus on your everyday activities. You can track your Steps Counter , Calories Burned , Fat Burned , Distance , Clock , Preset Target and Sleep Cycle to help you stay on the path to fitness. With the iChoice Life App, you can set target goals, track progerss and share your journey with friends.


Led Operating Double Lamp With Camera Monitor
With the EMAICAM , we have created a generation of cameras for our surgical lights, that allows the transmission of moving pictures to any place even outside the surgery room The central focus of the camera in the lamp body ensures a largely undistorted recording of the procedure and ensures the best possible quality shadow-free film.


CardiAid Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
s designed to make life-saving defibrillation
possible for everybody, accessible at everywhere!

AED (Automatic External Defibriullator) adalah perangkat elektronik portabel yang secara otomatis mendiagnosa aritmia jantung yang mengancam jiwa pada seseorang yang hilang kesadaran akibat berhentinya detak jantung beberapa saat sehingga jantung tidak dapat memberikan pasokan oksigen ke otak, dan mampu memberikan treatment melalui defibrilasi yaitu penerapan terapi listrik ke jantung, memungkinkan jantung untuk membangun kembali detakan secara efektif.


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