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Mobile Surgical Suction Pump 2×3 L

The posibility of to can choose between an alone flask of 1 litre and until a maximum of 3 flask of three litres each one, cause that the FUTURVAC will be one of the aspirators most versatiles in market in the moment of to collect the sucked liquids and so the equipment to be adaptable for all your needs.

Chassis Polyethylene molded Engine pump Dry rotary piston vacuum pump Motor 150 Watts Pump Flow 2.7 m3 /h (45 l/min) Max. Vacuum Vacuum regulator to 0-720 mmHg (96 Kpa) Noise Level 58 dB Collecting flask 1 to 3 litres Voltage 220 V/50 hertz (under request) Power 150 VA Size 53 x 43 x 80 Weight 22 Kg approximate

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