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Portable Suction Pump 1×1,6 L

Portable Suction Pump with flask of 1,6 L they have been created and designed to fulfill a wide aspect of needs; such as gynecological aspiration, ORL. Pediatrics, UCI, ICU; and for his size in ambulatory, doctor’s offices and domiciles. It is characterized for being a model of small dimensions and big presentations of emptiness and caudally.

Chassis: Moulded composite (NRFV) Engine pump: With membrane, no lubrication Pump: Flow 800 l/h (13.3 l/min ) Vacuum: Vacuum regulator to 0-600 mmHg (80 KPa) Collecting flask: Glass collecting flask of 1.6 litres Voltage: 220 V / 50 Hz

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