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CPAP Point 2

point 2

The smallest HOFFRICHTER device with an elegant design and new technical refinements not only impresses with its fresh appearance, but mainly of its inner values​​. High power reserves, a newly redesigned FlexLine-Mode and the optimized one-click humidifier mechanics set new technical standards in this product class.

PowerPacks provide independence from the electrical grid and provide users with a unique freedom.

  • more quiet, more dynamic
  • Easy handling and operation
  • Physiological FlexLine characteristics
  • Flexline adjustable in three levels separately for inspiration and expiration
  • Tidal volume display
  • Automatic zero point correction
  • Off grid power supply is possible
  • Data storage optional

point 2 CPAP

The point 2 CPAP is a therapy device for the treatment of the obstructive sleep anpnea. The device provide a continuous positive pressure. In addition to the CPAP mode the respiration therapy device provides a FLEXLINE mode, an individual respiration flow proportionable pressure adjustment during the inspiration and the pressure drop during the expiration. This intelligent method of the pressure adaptation enables a smooth therapy.

3 FLEX-Levels separately for in- and expiration

In the FLEXLINE mode the pressure adjusts proportionally to the individual respiration flow. This means an increase in pressure on inspiration and a reduction in pressure on expiration. This results in a particularly gentle therapy.

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