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Point 2 Auto CPAP

Within a certain pressure range the device automatically controls the therapy pressure depending on the occurrence of respiratory events. In sleep phases with no events the therapy pressure is lowered. Starting obstructive events are treated effectively with a slight pressure increase. For a high therapy comfort the therapy pressure should always be only as high as necessary and as low as possible. The device can recognize the following respiratory events:
桧bstructive apnea
匹entral apnea
逼ormal respiration
肘ncreased airway resistance

The identification of the different respiratory events is achieved via 3 channels:

  1. Measurement of any constriction of the respiratory tract
  2. Detection of flow limitations by measuring the flow
  3. Detection of snoring with the help of sound detection

The combined analysis of all results facilitates a very precise differentiation between obstructive and central events. The device adjusts the therapy pressure according to the detected events as described below:
肘ncrease of pressure for obstructive events
疋ecrease of pressure for central events and normal respiration

In addition to normal APAP and CPAP mode the device offers the FLEXLINE mode, a pressure increase which is proportionate to the individual respiration flow during inspiration and a pressure decrease during expiration.

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