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AED Defibrillator

FEATURES AED – Automated External Defibrillator 
Compact, lightweight, portable, microprocessor controlled, adaptable to any patient, reduced size, technology biphasic truncated exponential waveform in accordance with the 2005 GUIDELINE and the possibility of future updates of protocol at the place where the equipment is installed. Designed for emergency care and cardiac application with use of adhesive pads. With automatic evaluation of QRS ECG which detects and automatically identifies malignant arrhythmia requiring automatic defibrillation.

Adaptable to any patient (adult and child). Analysis of thoracic impedance with an increase in defibrillation efficacy and reducing the risk of damage to the heart. Message and command via text, voice and visual signals, display real-time ECG curve on the screen (display) liquid crystal with an angle greater than 30% (thirty) percent for better visualization of the monitoring of the trace.Charging time Less than 06 seconds to 200 Joules. Internal automatic discharge after 30 seconds if there is shooting. Has on / off switch, light shock button. Introduction to text in real-time voice command on the display, number of shocks and elapsed time. Basic life support with visual identification through labels with symbolic and numerical reading indicating step by step the sequence of CPR Memory: Event continuous ECG, critical events and procedures in MEMORY CARD and continuous recording time of more than 100 hours. Performs self-test periodically. Status of the battery status at various levels, with audible and optical alarm for low level. The equipment has a dedicated software, compatible with the Windows environment, communication and interpretation of collected data to PC with interface cables / memory card. License to use software

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