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Autoclave Fly Wheel

With micro processed control (MP), programming the desired parameters, has 8pre-defined operating programs, such as packages, Instrumental, Liquid/Glassware; Thermo-Sensitive; Bowie Dick Test, Flash Cycle, plus two free programs completely modifiable and user-selectable and protected with a password for greater security. The display parameters of the programs, phases of the cycle time pressure and temperature are displayed via an interface of LCD display (2 rowsx16 columns with blue background and white characters with backlight) and the numeric keypad 0-9 more function keys. It has 03 analog inputs and 01 for sensor PT-100 Very practical and safe closure system, the port was manufactured in stainless steel, it is solid and internally convex. It has concentric arms in stainless steel, which are moved by a central flywheel (hatch type). It has a mechanical safe lock, which avoids its opening, in case there is pressure in the internal chamber. All models may be provided with double port (sanitation barrier type).Used in hospitals, clinics and nursing homes (39,209), industries, milk kitchens and animal facilities (39,206) for sterilization of materials and appliances. Inner chamber built in rectangular sheets of stainless steel AISI-316L, with smooth internal finish and polishing sanitary and mineral wool insulation coated galvanized rigid plates. It has a separate entrance for sensor validation. Outer chamber, flange, door and steam generator constructed in stainless steel AISI 304. Follows internal rack in AISI 304 stainless steel to accommodate the material to be sterilized.Closure system very convenient and safe. It has also arms concentric stainless steel AISI 304, which are handled by a central wheel (hatch type). All models can be supplied with double door (type sanitary barrier).

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