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Blood And Infusion Warmer

Key Features
  2 in 1 Function Blood and Infusion Warmer
  New activity heated silicon sleeve to avoid cooling from warmer exit to patient
  Heating sleeve optional to purchase at any time at a later stage
  Plastic parts made of tire-retardant compounds to meet future hospital standards
 Temperature setting up to 41°C
  Robust turnable mounting clamp far vertical and horizantal operation [lV pale, Gabler rail, norm bar]   Multiple independent temperature sensors covering total length of heater
  13 heating grooves far up to two liquids [e.g. blood/infusion) at the same time

General Features
  Dry heat rapid warmer
  Open system using low cost standard disposables compatible to other systems as well
  Microprocessor controlled
  Low and high temperature alarms (audiblelvisible) with auto shut-off at 43°C
  Easy wrapping extension sets (clock-wise)
  Maintenance free
  Error codes showing on the display
  Large, bright LED display, easy to view from distance

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