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ECG 3 Channel Intepretasi

Product Features:
 3 channel ECG machine with interpretation
 Manual/Auto/Arrhymia Analysis Modes
 80mm 3-ch recording with arrythm lead
 320*240 graphic 3.8 inch LCD
 Built in rechargable Li-Ion battery
 Adapt to 110-230V, 50/60Hz AC power supply
 Real-time ECG waveform, 20 patients save/replay
 Built in USB/RS232 interface
 ECGNET software optional

ECGNET – ECG Network Information System

Key Features:
Simultaneous 12-lead ECG from USB
Surporting frank and wilson lead system
ECG Analysis with auto interpretation
Low cost A4 paper, multi-format ECG report
ECG case management based pc network
Communicating with ECG machine via RS232

Frank Lead VCG/TVCG
Average and instantaneous VCG
Animating the direction of vector loops

User defination ECG Leads
12-lead ECG with auto interpretation
Electronic ruler for the ECG measurement
Handily case search and summary
Export WORD/DICOM format ECG Report
Can Integated in HIS/PACS system easily

Pentium CPU, with 256M RAM, USB/RS232 interface
Color monitor: above 1024×768
Laser printer: above 600 dpi
Windows 2K/XP/Vista, with MS Office Suite

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