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Electrosurgery 130 Watt

→ Microprocessed Electrosurgical Generator
Microprocessed Electrosurgical Generator
The DELTRONIX electrosurgical Generator MP SERIE are easy to use, with digital commands that allow to motion the equipment with a light touch in the pencil. They have soft, smooth and precise cut without damaging the tissue.
• B-1800 MP, 130 Watts
Gynecology Surgeries, Vascular ,Dermatology Surgeries, Ophtalmology Surgeries, Plastic Surgeries and
small surgeries.
• Up to 09 surgical procedures can be programmed for all models in the line MP.
• In line MP the commands are made through the type of keys UP / DOWN.
→ General Characteristics
Microprocessed with all the advantages of digital systems.
Modern design.
Use of the technique of Digital Command.
• To be used in Ambulatories and Clinics
• Simple use, self explained
• Digital display for all functions
• Digital memorization
• Hand operated pencil
• Possibility to program until 09 surgicals procedures
• Automatic power adjustment with the change of the eletric resistance of the tissue
• Safety System with alarm and inhibition of the unit with fault
• Different levels of blend (miz of Cut and Coag)
• Up/DOWN touch control.
→ Operation and Handling
• Selection of the functions through the UP/DOWN keys
• Simple commands, duly marked by light indicators.
• Command through the footswitch or in pencil.
• Digital Command: with this the surgeon could trigger the equipment with a light touch in the pencil,
reducing significantly the time of surgery.
→ Security System
It is equipped with an ALARM that will alert the medical team, through sound and visual signal, where there is failure to connect the board (of wire breakage or not connected to the device of the plate) with blocking the functioning of equipment

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