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Electrosurgery 200 Watt

→ Microprocessed Electrosurgical Generator
Developed for professionals who want more convenience, the electrosurgery generators of this line are fully adjusted for digital command (UP / DOWN keys), although they are simple and versatile. The SM serie is indicated for use in surgical center which serves the full range of procedures, according to the power of each model.
The best partner in a surgical center.
Equipment with digital techniques in control of CUT (PURE and BLEND) and COAGULATION (DESICCATE and SPRAY)
Highest Reliability, adjustments and Handling Simplified
• Command power in the pencil or in the footswitch.
• Fully digital.
• Output BIPOLAR independent and isolated.
• TRIPOLAR ® function.
• MRP Graph system- Monitoring of Resistance of Plate with indication. (B-3600SM and B-6600SM)
• MRP System (Monitoring of Resistance of Plate) (B-3300SM)
• Up to 20 surgical procedures can be programmed.
• In line SM the commands are made through the type of keys UP-DOWN.
→ General Characteristics
Highest Reliability, Adjustments and Handling Simplified.
Equipment with digital techniques in control of CUT (PURE and BLEND) and COAGULATION (DESICCATE and SPRAY).
• Simplified and self-explanatory Manipulation
• Microprocessed in all functions
• Digital Display for the powers of CUT, BLEND, and BIPOLAR COAGULATION
• CUT and COAGULATION below water (B-6600SM and B-3600 SM)
• Digital Storage of all functions
• sound indication of the function in use, with different shades for the CUT and COAGULATION
• 3 Levels of BLEND (BL1, BL2 and BL3)
• Waterproof Panel
• It uses single use plates, self adhesives, single or split
• Automatic detection of plate type (single or split depending of pré-selection)
• New TRIPOLAR function (Monopolar + Bipolar)
• Double Digital Command in the pencil (cutting and coagulation)
• Alarm System and Protection M.R.P. Block in case of failure
• Control of power in the pencil and the footswitch
• Command for keys type UP-DOWN
• SPRAY function for an excellent fulguration
• Compatible with Argon gas coagulation
• Automatic power adjustment with tissue resistance variation
• automatic selection of voltage (127/220V)
• Refrigeration by internal convection, electronically controlled, driven only when need
→ Operation and Handling
• Turn on the CUT or the COAGULATION throught the Pencil or the footswitch.
• Set the power of CUT or the COAGULATION by Pencil or the footswitch.
• All values of power can be saved, remaining even if the device is switched off.
• Availability of 20 surgical procedures pre-programmed.
• It allows the simultaneous action of 2 surgeons.
• Automatic power set in case of change of resistance of the tissue.
• Waterproof panel for easy cleaning.
→ Alarm System
Alarm and protection system if some fault was detected in case of broken plate wire (for single plate). Block system, switching off in case of fault.
• Simple Plate – The alarm will alert the medical team through audible and visual signals, when there is any failure in the connection of the plate (breaking the connector or bad connection to the plate equipment); blocking the operation of equipment
• Double plate – Alarm and automatic blocking of operation if the resistance plate-patient is outside the parameters established beforehand. MRP GRAPH System.

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