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Electrosurgery 50 Watt

Dental Microprocessed Electrosurgical Generator

It was developed to fill the necessity of the dental area, the BO-1300MP is indicated to several surgical procedures. Exclusively to dental use. Used in oral surgery, periodontics, orthodontics, prostodontia, etc. Projected according to the especific requirements for dental use.

  • Large quantities of electrodes and set through the pencil or footswitch. Digital display for all functions.
  • Until 09 surgicals procedures can be programmed and stored, making easy the pattern of the tecniques.
  • In the BO-1300 MP the commands are done throughthe type of keys UP/DOWN.

General Characteristcs

Projected according to the especific requirements for dental use.

  • Appropriate for all classes of electrosurgery aplications as CUT, COAGULATION, FULGURATION eDESSICATE.
  • Cut, Blend e Coagulation separate.
  • Easy to transport, with handle
  • Appropriate use in: Gingivectomy, Biopsy (without bleeding), root canal treatment, tissue removal, techniques of periodontics, opening of abscesses and not broken teeth, etc.

Operation and Handling

  • Selection of the functions through the UP/DOWN keys
  • Command through the footswitch or in pencil.
  • Digital Command: with this the surgeon could trigger the equipment with a light touch in the pencil, reducing significantly the time of surgery.

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