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Emergency Bag

Emergency Bag System for Neonatus, Pediatric and Adult
At the core of any resuscitation kit is the resuscitator. microVENT’s unique design and features make it ideal where speed, ease of use, low weight and portability are important. For details on some of our individual kits please click on the list on the left. For details on the different models of microVENT resuscitators used in the kits An essential part of a resuscitation kit is a case that is well designed. This soft case is constructed specially to contain the resuscitator and make it easy to carry and quick to use.
Twin carrying handles , Clip-on shoulder strap , Double pull zip , Marked “EMERGENCY RESUSCITATOR” . Retro-reflective detailing
Reinforced and padded end panels 
Padded sides and base , Rubberized material covering base , Internal pockets for accessories , Internal pocket for instructions for use , Clear pocket for abbreviated user guide , Padded sleeve to contain and support cylinder , Twin cylinder restraint straps
Padded pocket to contain microVENT® resuscitator handset ,Approximate dimensions: · 280 mm diameter · 580 mm long

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