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ICU Ventilator Adult Pediatric And Infant

Developed to be one of the most complete lung ventilators in the market, LUFT2-g shows a friendly graphic interface with great ease of operation, allowing fast and safe adjustments of each parameter, so offering to the professional a pleasing work and permitting to give more attention to patient.

LUFT2-g has all ventilation modes necessary to attend adult, pediatric and neonatal patients, plus an advanced respiratory mechanics menu for correct diagnosis, able to be used in the most rigorous and complex therapies, effectively and with reliability.

With a fast and safe interconnection system with the patient circuit, avoiding any possibility of error, it also includes default initial values, which ensure a safe and accurate operation start, giving to the operator the control

of the equipment and assuring sensitivity values that avoid self-cycling, allowing a better progress of the patient without interferences. Warning messages are very easy to understand which turns possible to take decisions respecting the alarms situation and critical parameters variation.

The final result is an ICU medical ventilator with a friendly interface, where its handling is very easy and intuitive, at the same time its configuration is simple and affective, so LUFT2-g practicability and operator competence can walk together, so that the maximum of LUFT2-g can be obtained: perfect and natural mechanical ventilation, delivering comfort and safety for adults and neonates.

The lung ventilator for Intensive Care Units LUFT3 integrates a 17″ touchscreen and control by microprocessor offering a full range of ventilation modes and allowing the monitoring of adult, pediatric and neonatal patients.

Touch Screen Calibration.
Easy Firmware upgrading without opening the ventilator.
Gas measurements with BTPS corrections.
Programmable nebulization time with automatic inspiration flow compression.
100% Oxygen up to 20 min. with alarms silence for 30 sec.
Patient interface adequacy or circuit change without needing to
sutdown the equipment and maintaining the historical log of the patient.
Alarm愀 volume adjustment.
Altitude compensation.
Language selection.

Automatic calculation of the theoreotical weight and interface selection according to the
Up to 5 selectable graphics simultaneous.
Touch function lock.
Monitored variables setup.
Stress Index Measurement.
Volumetric Capnography愀 arch graphic.

Internal Battery.
Automatic Gases Compensation.
Automatic Opening of the Pressure Regulator Valves.
Automatic Notification of the Hours of use without Locking the
Possibility of Operating without the Expiratory Flow Sensor or without
the O2 Cell.

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