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Defibrillator Monitor Life 400 Plus Futura

FEATURES Life 400 Plus Futura
The CARDIOVERTER FUTURE LIFE 400 PLUS is a lightweight, portable device with biphasic waveform technology, high-impact case and electrically isolated.
It features liquid crystal display (LCD) color ap. 7.5 “, high resolution for cardiac monitoring and programming parameters before and after shock, indicating actual energy stored to be delivered. Equipped with carrying handle integrated into the cabinet, which enables the handling of an isolated independent of the housing stock.
Displays optional: thermal printer manual and automatic modes, high-resolution record of occurrence of each shot, pulse oximetry, indicating the value of SPO2 and programmable alarms for maximum and minimum, external pacemaker, non-invasive transthoracic, multiprogrammable microprocessor generating stimulation pulses with an amplitude and pulse width sufficient to carry out a noninvasive transient stimulation. Asynchronous modes of operation and demand, non-invasive blood pressure, invasive blood pressure in the ways adults and children; DEA Mode which automatically analyzes heart arrhythmia and ECG of the patient indicating whether or not the need of an impact with text and voice command, which uses sensors Capnography Mainstream and Sidestream type.Protection against defibrillator discharge, self test, switch to emergency mode and overdrive mode (optional). Software for calculating and providing ventilation drug / intubation

Optional configurations:
• Pulse Oximetry with plethysmografic curve.
• External transthoracic pacemaker.
• High resolution thermal printer- one and two channels.
• Non-invasive Blood Pressure (NIBP).
• AED mode with voice and text command.
• Software for drug calculation.
• Software for ventilation / intubation mode.
• Capnography (ETC02)

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