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Micro Vent Sailor

Micro Vent Sailor
Automatic resuscitation
Manual resuscitation
Oxygen therapy
Resuscitator suitable for use in non-breathable atmosphere
Pre-set for adult casualties for ease of use in industry

The microvent sailor kit is designed for use in an emergency when breathing has stopped, when breathing assistance is needed or if oxygen therapy is required.
At the heart of the kit is the microVENT resuscitator. This is an oxygen powered resuscitator that can be set to automatic or used manually.
The microVENT has a remarkably efficient use of oxygen, as long as 45 minutes or more from one cylinder.
The microVENT case is reinforced and padded to hold and protect the equipment. It is fitted with twin carrying handles and a shoulder strap. The resuscitator can be swiftly carried to the casualty.
The brass oxygen regulator fits to pin-index medical oxygen cylinders. It has a BS schraeder connection to power the microVENT. There is also a multiple flow therapy outlet for supplying the therapy

Medical evidence published in August 2000 highlights the advantages of resuscitating with 100% oxygen and lower oxygen flow rates. These minimise the risks of gastric insuflation, vomiting and subsequent aspiration while still providing oxygenation. microVENT® sailor can easily be used for the 30 cardiac compressions to 2 ventilations now recommended for CPR and wastes no oxygen when not ventilating the patient. microVENT® sailor is as easy to apply as a pocket mask, both hands can be used to hold the mask in position and maintain the patients airway.
microVENT advanced adult resuscitator with automatic and manual modes of operation. Fitted with 2m supply hose with BS terminal probe. Automatic setting pre-set for Adult: 600ml breath at 12 breaths per minute. Fitted with patient synchronisation and anti-air-inhalation valve to enable use in non-breathable atmosphere.
Meditech oxygen regulators with pin index inlet connector and BS medical oxygen schraeder outlet. Also fitted with a multiple flow therapy selector and therapy outlet. Flows available are: ½,1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 15 litres per minute.
Adult resuscitation face mask.
Adult oxygen therapy mask (high concentration).
Two oro-pharyngeal airways.
Extension catheter mount (for connecting endo-tracheal tubes or other devices to the microVENT patient valve.
User guide in English with illustrations.
Fabric case

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