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Vertical Autoclave

It is indicated for the sterilization of materials and several instruments of chemical, pharmaceutical, industrial and medical laboratories. Stainless steel simple vertical boiler. Cast bronze cover, internally tinned and externally polished and varnished. Stainless steel basket. Bronze safety valve and controller, weight and counterweight system for pressure control. Manometer of double scale. Maximum operation pressure at 1.5 Kgf/cm, corresponding to 127 °C. Bakelite levers fo r the closure (thermal insulation). Panel with pilot lamp and 3-position temperature selector switch. Flow for the complete cleaning and drainage through the ball valve. Pressure relief valve regulated to operate with the same or higher pressure than MPTA. Designed and manufactured in accordance with standards ABNT NBR ISO 11816, ABNT NBR ISO 17665, ABNT NBR ISO 14971, ABNT NBR ISO 5410, ASME Section VIII, Division I, NR- 13,EN 285, IEC 60601-1, IEC 60601-1-2, etc.

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