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– High-definition color display with adjustable contrast.  Defibrillation 100-200 joules and operation instructions on the display panel.
– optional: up to 360 joules: indication of paddle contact.
– Automatic configuration for triggering at 150, 200 and 200 joules, or other setting as requested.
– Browser button for quick access to the menu.
– Truncated exponential biphasic waveform.
– Adaptable to any patient, with an intelligent security system that limits the charge / load for internal use and for the children.
– Analysis of the patient thoracic impedance, increasing the defibrillation effectiveness and reducing the risk  of heart damage.
– It reaches full-charge in less than 5 seconds.
– triggering system of really high precision, reliability and security with delay time of less than 100 mm/sec.
– Internal automatic discharge in within 2 minutes if there isn’t triggering or by the key (manually).
– Timer (second counter) clock. Us of reusable electrodes (adult,/pediatric/neonatal permanent paddles), which requires simultaneous activation of two control, one in each blade.
– It performs a periodical self-test
– battery status for various koad levels, charging and fully loaded.
– It provides, through connection, communication with microcomputer to display memory data (optional).
– Language: portuguese (possibilityto change language through software)
– Alarms for maximum and minimum values, loose electrode and asystole.
– Memory for events filling
– Synchronized shooting with the R wave (synchronized mode).
– Automatic interpretation of the patient ECG – AED mode with text command.
– Weight: approximately 4.3 kg or 9.5 pounds
– indication of delivered energy

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