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USG BW Untuk Pemeriksaan ANC di FKTP Support Telemedicine, 2 Probe, Trolley and Thermal Printer

ada di e-katalog LKPP :

USG BW Support Telemedicine di e-katalog LKPP

Technical Parameters Specification
Equipment applications :
Mainly applied for the Heart, Abdomen, Urology department,
Obstetric and Gynecology, Pediatrics, etc.
High – definition, functional portable ultrasound diagnostic apparatus
The clear image 、user-friendly operation and strong endurance make it
undoubtedly first preference to do examination in urban town and outdoor under all kinds of environments
* A variety of charging methods also ensure the examination and consultation in different environments
* 4-6h super long stand-by time
* 12.1 inch LED liquid crystal display
* Real-time dynamic acoustic velocity track(DRA)
* Tissue Harmonic Imaging(THI)
* Stable and concise operation system
* Backlight silicone keyboard which is more comfortable wear-resistant meets using in dark rooms
* Intelligent menu, man – machine dialogue easily and fastly
* Puncture guidance line, angle and position adjustable
* 17 level magnification shows that lesion diagnosis is more accurate
* External USB storage, it’s more convenient for image uploading
* Maximum 655 frames video playback, image automatic loop demonstration
* Rich measurement

*Functions : distance, circumference, area, volume, obstetric measurement scale
* Cardiac : pulmonary artery, mitral valve, heart rate, ventricular output and other
measurements; Histogram measurement
* Display Modes : B、B+B、4B、B+M、M
* Electronic focusing : whole-process focusing technology
* Body marks :≥40 kinds
* Frequency range :
* Image Mirror : Up/down lit/Right, mirror conversion and operation in any mode In any imaging mode, the data can be measured in real time Obstetric measurement data’s memory
automatically and report generation function
* Character display : date, clock, name, gender, age, doctor, hospital, comment (full screen character editor)
* Support for permanent storage : Support U disk storage
* Gray Scale : 256 Levels With gravel positioning, dynamic target tracking
* Dynamic Range : 64-192dB,step 2,with independent buttons,invisble and adjustable cyclically
* Intelligent TGC : 8 segments.
* Gain : 0-100,step 2

Variable aperture, dynamic apodization, dynamic digital filtering, etc.

Tissue Harmonic Imaging, invisble and adjustable 8 kinds of colors

12 kinds of frame correlation, with independent buttons, visible and adjustable, increase or decrease in time according to the image

* Scanning range : ≥ 12 levels, with independent buttons, visible and adjustable,
increase or decrease in time according to the image
* Maximum depth : ≥190mm
* Interfaces : RS-232 、VGA 、VIDEO 、2 USB ports、DICOM
* Display magnification : 16 kinds of display modes
* Boot time : ≤3 seconds
* Built-in : 8800mA lithium battery
* Net Weight : 4.7 KG
* Support : Telemedicine / Tele USG

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