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AED Defibrillator

FEATURES AED – Automated External Defibrillator  Compact, lightweight, portable, microprocessor controlled, adaptable to any patient, reduced size, technology biphasic truncated exponential waveform in accordance with the 2005 GUIDELINE and the possibility of future updates of protocol at the place where the equipment is installed. Designed for emergency care and cardiac application with use of adhesive pads. With automatic evaluation of QRS …

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FEATURES VIVO MODEL – High-definition color display with adjustable contrast.  Defibrillation 100-200 joules and operation instructions on the display panel. – optional: up to 360 joules: indication of paddle contact. – Automatic configuration for triggering at 150, 200 and 200 joules, or other setting as requested. – Browser button for quick access to the menu. – Truncated exponential biphasic waveform. …

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Life 400 Plus Futura

FEATURES Life 400 Plus Futura The CARDIOVERTER FUTURE LIFE 400 PLUS is a lightweight, portable device with biphasic waveform technology, high-impact case and electrically isolated. It features liquid crystal display (LCD) color ap. 7.5 “, high resolution for cardiac monitoring and programming parameters before and after shock, indicating actual energy stored to be delivered. Equipped with carrying handle integrated into …

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