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Point2 Bilevel

TREND II BILEVEL The device has two different adjustable pressure levels. A higher level for inspiration and a lower level for expiration. Trigger device The respiration trigger detects the patients efforts to breath in and out and signals these efforts to the control device. A flow-based trigger is integrated which can be set separately for inspiration and expiriation. While the …

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Point 2 Auto CPAP

Within a certain pressure range the device automatically controls the therapy pressure depending on the occurrence of respiratory events. In sleep phases with no events the therapy pressure is lowered. Starting obstructive events are treated effectively with a slight pressure increase. For a high therapy comfort the therapy pressure should always be only as high as necessary and as low …

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CPAP Point 2

point 2 The smallest HOFFRICHTER device with an elegant design and new technical refinements not only impresses with its fresh appearance, but mainly of its inner values​​. High power reserves, a newly redesigned FlexLine-Mode and the optimized one-click humidifier mechanics set new technical standards in this product class. PowerPacks provide independence from the electrical grid and provide users with a …

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