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E-Catalogue LKPP

Continous Pump

Surgical aspirator for digestive drainage, intermittent or continuous, with prefixed vacuum selector to 90/120 mmHg. and regulators controls for the start/stop cycles. The aspirator model AI-78 has an extremely quiet aspiration system which requires no lubrication. These factors are optimum for the utilization of this equipment in UVI , UCI and rooms. Chassis: Metallic, fire painted Engine pump: With membrane, …

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Portable Suction Pump 1×1,6 L

Portable Suction Pump with flask of 1,6 L they have been created and designed to fulfill a wide aspect of needs; such as gynecological aspiration, ORL. Pediatrics, UCI, ICU; and for his size in ambulatory, doctor’s offices and domiciles. It is characterized for being a model of small dimensions and big presentations of emptiness and caudally. Chassis: Moulded composite (NRFV) …

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Echocardiography Orcheo Lite

After years of research and development, Sonoscanner is proud to introduce the Orcheo Lite,the next generation of portable ultrasound system. Designed with your needs in mind, Orcheo Lite, it is the unique combination of a highly portable platform yet being as powerful as an upscale cart based system. Because we know, you do not want to trade premium performance for …

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Examination Lamp

The new examination light EMALED 200 for the examination and treatment room EMA-LED GmbH is enlarging its product range of surgical and examination lights. The light head of the examination light EMALED 200 is characterized by the fully gimbaled suspension system being unique for this category, by its high mobility and the optimal positioning at the everyday work. Thanks to …

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Emergency Lamp

EMALED 300 Emergency Lamp The movable EMALED 300 mobil is for examination and treatment rooms that do not need a permanent examination light. With a lighting power of 100 000 lux and a working field of 60 mm, this light makes sure that there is a shadow free lighting of the surgical area. The light of 28 LED’s, a near …

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Single Operating Lamp

EMALED 500 Single Operating Lamp For the daily work in the operating room, the surgical lamp EMALED 500 and the combination lamp EMALED 500/500 are most suitable. With an illuminance of 100,000 lux per lamp and a 180-350 mm diameter of working area, 70 LEDs provide shadow free and an even illumination. The LEDs produce a near sunlight spectrum of …

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