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Autoclave & Sterillizer

Safety Needle And Wing

The IV cannula allows the introduction of fluids into the venous circulatory system. It is indicated for infusion or antibiotics treatments not exceeding 72 hours. Our IVCS series IV Safe Cannulas offer an increased safety for the user. A retractable mechanical device allows the enclosing of the needle whilst being pulled out of the catheter. This is a safe mean …

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Sterilization Pouches

Sterilization pouches as a packaging solution for sterilization applications, ensure the protection of the medical device against contamination with bacteria and chemicals from the time of sterilization until use of the sterile medical device. Wide range of standard sizes allows optimum choice of a correct-sized pack for each item. PMSSteripack sterilization pouches are constructed from transparent PET/PP multi-layers copolymer film …

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Autoclave Sliding Door

Programmable Logic Controller: Control done by PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) brand Delta, DVP series. Extension with 4 input channels for sensor PT-100 and 2 – mixed extent with 8 digital inputs and 8 digital output relay. It has 16 programmable sterilization cycles, such as packages, vehicles, heat-sensitive liquids, flash and Bowie Dick test and Leak Test, subroutines emergency, among others. …

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Autoclave Fly Wheel

With micro processed control (MP), programming the desired parameters, has 8pre-defined operating programs, such as packages, Instrumental, Liquid/Glassware; Thermo-Sensitive; Bowie Dick Test, Flash Cycle, plus two free programs completely modifiable and user-selectable and protected with a password for greater security. The display parameters of the programs, phases of the cycle time pressure and temperature are displayed via an interface of …

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Vertical Autoclave

It is indicated for the sterilization of materials and several instruments of chemical, pharmaceutical, industrial and medical laboratories. Stainless steel simple vertical boiler. Cast bronze cover, internally tinned and externally polished and varnished. Stainless steel basket. Bronze safety valve and controller, weight and counterweight system for pressure control. Manometer of double scale. Maximum operation pressure at 1.5 Kgf/cm, corresponding to …

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Desktop Autoclave

For the sterilization and drying of materials and several instruments in deontological and medical clinics, health centers, first aid posts, laboratories, etc. Designed and manufactured with high quality materials, in accordance with standards ABNT NBR ISO 11816, ABNT NBR ISO 11817, ABNT NBR ISO 17665, ABNT NBR ISO 14971, ABNT NBR ISO 5410, ASME Section VIII, Division I, NR-13,EN 285, …

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