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Suction Pump


The model FV-LIP has been specially designed to be used in liposuctions, nevertheless thanks to it’s vacuum regulator it can be perfectly used as aspirator for surgery in general. It’s great flow of 10 m3 /h (166 l/min), permits us a greater liquids collection in a smaller time, avoiding the possible traumas in the corporal tissues, that could be caused …

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Water Seal Drainage Pump

Pleural Water Seal Drainage (WSD) Pump Model FM 2000 has been designed to be able to effect with full guarantee and safety the drainage and the aspiration in the pleural cavity. Identical characteristics that the model FM-2000, but designed to be connected to the network of central emptiness. Specification Sheet: Chassis: Base Polyester reinforced with fiberglass (PRFV) and chrome metal …

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Portable Suction Pump 1×1,6 L

Portable Suction Pump with flask of 1,6 L they have been created and designed to fulfill a wide aspect of needs; such as gynecological aspiration, ORL. Pediatrics, UCI, ICU; and for his size in ambulatory, doctor’s offices and domiciles. It is characterized for being a model of small dimensions and big presentations of emptiness and caudally. Chassis: Moulded composite (NRFV) …

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