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Longitudinal Displacement + Transverse

Motorized – Longitudinal Displacement + Transverse Configuration developed for long and complex surgical procedures. Designed with technology that allows the total fluctuation of the table top among the longitudinal, diagonal and transversal displacements. Table top made of noble material, radio transparent, in carbon fiber, light and easy manipulation. The movements can be accomplished thru remote control with joystick, enabling three …

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Longitudinal Displacement With Turn

Motorized – Longitudinal Displacement + Turn Developed technology that adds a differential in displacements: simultaneous and individuals of longitudinal, table top extension with rotary movements of 180° for each side. This configuration allows, without the need of patient or surgical arc movement, the inversion of the camp, bringing more radio transparency, camp visualization, making easier the realization of surgical procedures …

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Longitudinal Displacement

Motorized with Longitudinal Displacement Model that suits all the procedures: low, medium and high surgeries. Because of its wide longitudinal movement of the table top, offers comfort to the patient and ease to the professionals during the surgical procedures, enabling the inversion of the head rest, adding and ease the variety of procedures. The possibility of base configuration, tale top …

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