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Portable oxygen concentrator – Lovego

Portable Oxygen Concentrator adalah alat untuk memproduksi oksigen dalam bentuk portable secara terus menerus selama power listrik atau baterai masih dapat bekerja dapat di bawa saat berjalan kaki karena berat hanya 5 kg, naik mobil, ambulance bahkan pesawat dilengkapi dengan lithium ion baterai yang dapat bertahan selama 2 jam, Car inverter untuk penggunaan di kendaraan, Tas dan Trolley untuk penggunaan …

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Oxygen Concentrator 10L/M with Nebulizer – Sysmed OC‐S100

Features:      *             Large LCD Screen *             Great Stability Performance *             Low Noise Version *             Two line display running time and elapsed time *             Oxygen concentration 93+/-3% *             Alarm: over heat alarm, *             High Flow Pressure Alarm, *             Power Failure alarm, *             Maintenance reminder *             Output 10 Liters/minute Spesifications – Operating System :Time Cycle / Rapid Pressure Swing – Power Consumptions …

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Oxygen Concentrator 5L/M with Nebulizer – Sysmed M50

Medical oxygen concentrators were invented in the early-1970s. Manufacturing output of these devices increased in the late 1970s.  Prior to that era, medical oxygen therapy required the use of heavy high pressure oxygen cylinders or small cryogenic liquid oxygen systems. Both of these delivery systems required frequent home visits by suppliers to replenish oxygen supplies. In the United States Medicare switched …

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